Housetraining a Puppy

Housetraining a dog is a crucial part of ownership, but it can be difficult in the early stages. However, establishing an effective schedule and using some tools that are available, it can be accomplished. It takes some dedication, patience, and practice, but owners will be able to housebreak them in no time. Here are some tips to get started.

Don’t Scold the Dog

It is very common to scold a dog when they have an accident inside. This doesn’t teach the dog that it’s wrong, it actually makes them think it’s wrong to go to the bathroom at all. When the pet starts to use the bathroom inside, pick them up and take them outside immediately. This lets them know that they are supposed to go outside. In cases where the owner isn’t home or doesn’t catch them in the act, there is no reason to reprimand them. They will not understand what it means. Be patient because they will make mistakes and it does take time. This is just part of pet ownership.

Start a Schedule

Dogs are very much about a schedule, so establish a routine as soon as possible. A puppy will need to go every few hours. So, take them outside first thing in the morning, after they eat, and before they go to sleep. Then, in between these scheduled times, watch for signs that they may be needing to go again. They might be whining or sniffing around for a place to go. Once outside, wait as long as it takes for them to go. They will start to understand that these trips outside are for their bathroom breaks. Plan to stick to this schedule and don’t deviate, and enlist the help of others if needed to stay on track.

Give a Treat

Puppies and older dogs learn from positive reinforcement. Always reward them when they go outside to use the bathroom. Offer a treat and shower them with praise immediately, as this will let them know they did something good.

Helpful Products

During the training process, it is good to have some Doggie Diapers & Dog Belly Bands on hand. This is especially important at night and when the dog will be left at home for a few hours unattended. This will help eliminate accidents on the floor and furniture.

These products are also ideal for older dogs who are starting to struggle with incontinence. Take the time to check out and look at different products like diapers and dog nappies that will help through every stage of pet ownership.

Specific products can be found at The company provides professional, personal, and prompt service. Their products are used on their own pets, so feel confident in their quality.


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